Managed Infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure is really the core business of Quantum Data Space. Our facilities include racks of servers and disks providing a considerable depth of resources we make available to our clients. Each server is equipped with multiple CPUs and an extensive memory storage which can be allocated using VMWare to provide individual servers online for each client’s needs. This infrastructure is extremely manageable, in that resources can be added or removed as required to provide virtual servers in a range of operating systems and capabilities depending on your needs. We can migrate your server from one piece of our hardware to another without downtime, and even move it – or copy it – from one location to the other.

The server solution provided is therefore exactly what you need when you need it. When developing a server solution, start with a small server that has limited resources, saving you money. When you go into production testing, ramp up the resources adding CPU, Memory¬† and Disk, all without skipping a beat. We can help with your implementation. Call us and discuss your requirements. You’ll find us familiar with a range of web and database applications, and where we do not have on-site expertise our connections in the industry enable us to reach out for development, DBA and management resources whenever needed.

Managed Infrastructure really means the ultimate in flexibility providing cost effective solutions we tailor to meet your needs.

Check out our Network Management Tools in the images below. Using these state of the art tools from Solar Winds we can monitor server, network and storage condition from anywhere, and receive alerts when problems develop. Click on any image to expand it and Click here for more information on the software we use

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