Service Level Agreement

If you’re using another Internet services provider today, we encourage you to take a look at their Service Level Agreement (SLA). Other Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) may offer an SLA based on 100% uptime availability, but the fine print often shows that their commitment only applies to a single network. Whether you’re buying Internet connectivity, managed hosting, colocation or content delivery services, your provider is relying on the entire Internet to meet your needs. We believe an SLA should reflect that.

Proactive Crediting

We back up our SLA with specified proactive credits. Proactive customer service and support is a natural extension of the constant monitoring and management we perform for all our customers. Because downtime is money, our event clock starts ticking when the event begins. Other service providers don’t consider themselves in breach of their SLA until you’ve called support and opened a trouble ticket. To us, that simply isn’t “service.”

What Our SLA Covers*

Our SLA supports the following performance metrics:

  • 100% network availability
  • Less than 90 milliseconds latency
  • Less than 0.9% packet loss
  • Less than 0.9 millisecond jitter

The Quantum Data Space SLA also covers:

  • Denial of Service (DoS) Response: Quantum Data Space generally will respond to a customer request for assistance in DoS attacks and begin diagnostics within 10 minutes.
  • Reason for Outage (RFO) Response Time: Quantum Data Space generally will provide you with a final Reason for Outage within five business days for service interruptions.
  • Service-Specific Outage Resolution: If service is down for more than 10 minutes, other than for pre-scheduled maintenance or other non-Quantum Data Space issues, you will automatically receive a credit on your monthly bill as specified in the SLA.
  • High-Availability DNS Services: Any measurable interruption in DNS service due to Quantum Data Space’s failure will result in a full credit on the entire monthly DNS charge. And unlike any other provider, any interruption in excess of 30 minutes will result in credits against IP services as specified in the SLA.
  • Colocation (space, power, environmental): Quantum Data Space offers integrated colocation coverage in its SLA for power, environment and security, offering credits of up to a week for violations of stated service levels.

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